Histories of Rugby Fives at Schools, Clubs and Universities:

From the RFA Annual Review:

1999 Giggleswick
2000 Whitgift
2001 St. Paul’s
2002 Winchester
2003 Christ’s Hospital
2004 Oundle
2005 St. Dunstan’s
2006 Blundell’s
2007 Tonbridge
2008 Alleyn’s
2009 Bedford & Bedford Modern
2010 Merchant Taylors’ (text only, as published in The Taylorian)
2010 Merchant Taylors’ (for ‘Concordia’ 2011)
2010 Radley
2011 Rugby
2012 Bradfield
2012 Bradfield (full version, updated 2016 – illustrated)
2013 Denstone
2014 History of Winchester Fives
2015 Marlborough College (full version – illustrated)
2015 Marlborough College
2016 Sedbergh School (full version – illustrated)
2016 Sedbergh School
2016 History of the Universities Championships
2017 Eastbourne College (full version – illustrated)
Eastbourne College

Other articles referring to schools, clubs and universities:

Alleyn’s: The Alleyn’s Fives Festival 2002
Cambridge: Fives at Newnham College 1932
Cambridge: Court opened at Emmanuel College 1933
Cambridge: Fives at Newnham College 1934
Cambridge: A Half Blue for Fives 1934
Cambridge: The 50th Past v. Present 1999
Cambridge: Courts in Cambridge by Gareth Hoskins 2010
Cambridge: CAM article on Fives in Cambridge 2013
Clifton: Fives at Clifton College 1991 (updated 2015)
Clifton: Courts back in use 2005
Denstone: The Denstone courts renovated 2004
Denstone: Fives returns to Denstone 2012
Derby Moor: The Derby Moor courts 2001
Derby Moor: A Fives revival in Derby 2004
Derby Moor: Enclosure of the Fives courts
Dulwich College: The Old Alleynians Fives and Squash Club 1935
Dulwich College: Fives returns to Dulwich College 2008
Durham (Ushaw): Handball in County Durham by Mike Haslam 1995
Giggleswick: RFA presents the Ian Roberts Trophy 2012
Hackney Downs: Memories of the Marchant Cup by Keith Puckle 2005
Halifax: The first Fives of the Millenium? 2000
Hampstead: History of the Hampstead Squash & Fives Club by David Barnes
Heversham Dallam: Fives returns to Heversham Dallam School 2014
Holt, Greshams: A court by Ian Roberts 2008
Marlborough: Town Club completes first McNab 2012
Merchant Taylors’: MTs’ tour to the USA 1986
Merchant Taylors’: The Wass Cup 1996
Mirfield College: A court at Mirfield by Ian Roberts 2009
Rugby School: a trophy for Double Hand Fives 2009
Rugby School: Fives returns to its spiritual home 2010
Rugby School: Rugby wins first titles in new era 2011
Sheffield (Hillsborough): A Sheffield Court by Ian Roberts 1999-2000
Shrewsbury House School: Fives returns to SHS 2012
St Dunstan’s: New courts in 1934
University College London (UCL) Fives for Women 1933